Adult Education

Coming March 24:  The Mass in Slow Motion, Part Two

The Adult Education Commission is pleased to present our next offering: The Mass in Slow Motion, The Liturgy of the Eucharist.  As with Part One, The Liturgy of the Word, Fr. Pat and Deacon Mike will walk through the Mass, explaining the origins and meaning of the prayers, actions, symbols, and sacred objects that we encounter during every celebration of the Mass.

This presentation will follow the same format used in our previous live-streamed events.  Parishioners who wish to attend in person may do so (wearing masks and observing social distancing). and those wishing to attend from home can do so on our St. Eugene YouTube site.

Questions are always encouraged, and brief instructions about how to submit your questions via livestream will be provided immediately before the program.  Simultaneous English to Spanish translation will also be provided. 

This is your chance to get a better understanding of our most central and sacred act of communal worship.  We promise you'll learn something!

 Please join us in the Church sanctuary at 7:00 PM, Wednesday, March 24th.