Care of Creation


Chair:  Stephen Thomas - [email protected]

Protecting the Environment

As a parish community, we strive to significantly reduce the use of polystyrene (Styrofoam) and paper products.  All groups that will prepare and serve food and beverages are strongly encouraged to use the plastic cups, ceramic dishes, and coffee cups, glass stemware and stainless-steel utensils available in the kitchen.  Recycling bins are available for recycled items outside the kitchen. Dishes can be cleaned using the dishwasher (training is available) or by hand, if a small number.  Groups using the kitchen and facilities should wash the dishes, return them to the proper cabinets, and leave the kitchen and social hall/meeting rooms in clean condition.

* Means Praise Be to You and is the title of Pope Francis’s second encyclical focusing on “care for our common home.”   

Dear St. Eugene Family,

Please watch this short video from Pope Francis as he renews his urgent plea to care for the environment.  Think of actions we can each take, even during these difficult times.


Blessings for the Earth,

Your Care of Creation Team

ELECTRICITY FROM SUNLIGHT   Solar Panels Celebrating 8 Years 10/28/23

In 2015 Parishioners were looking for a concrete way to Care for the Earth. On March 8 we announced a project to install 147 Solar Panels by year-end. On 5/24/15 Pope Francis announced Laudato Si, and through the generosity of Parishioners and friends, we completed the fund-drive in 6 months. On 9/21/15 the first panel was installed, the day before the Pope landed in the U.S.

Swiss TV was here for the Pope’s visit and came to St. Eugene to film the Panels as a story for the new encyclical.  The next day St. Eugene and Solar were on the news throughout Europe.

Today when the sun shines solar panels are paying about 30% of our electric bill.   As of this update 10/01/23 our panels have generated over $48,000 of Free Electricity and kept 634,835 lbs. of CO2 greenhouse gasses out of the air we breathe.  This is equivalent to planting 4,797 trees.  The system is “net metered” – the electricity we do not use goes back to the grid for someone else, and Duke Power gives us a credit. (Drone photos by Warner Photography)

Is your Church or Congregation looking for a long-term donor?  Solar Panels write checks every time the sun shines…and will continue to do so for 25 years of warranty!




Today’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offers a Direct Payment to non-profits installing Solar, and a 30% tax credit to homeowners.



The IRA offers all types of credits and payments for HVAC heat pumps, water heaters, electric cars, geothermal, weatherization, and more. 









Asheville Catholic School installed 152 panels in 2022.  (Red Tesla in the parking lot) 

As of 10/01/23 these have generated over $9,000 of Free Electricity for the school. 

This high drone photo of N. Asheville shows St. Eugene Panels at the bottom and Asheville Catholic School Panels on the green roof at the top. 

For information on Solar or the Inflation Reduction Act contact Bill Maloney [email protected]




Each year our Care of Creation Team sponsors a Parish-wide Going Green Weekend. This includes plants, pollinators, solar, weatherizing, plastics, electric cars, and many more exhibits. People have a chance to speak with Audubon Society representatives and other experts in several fields and learn ways to Care for the Earth and for our Children’s Future. For information contact Vicki Ransom [email protected]